Everything you need to know about the Stars of Kovan

Recently, a lot of new developments have arisen in the city of Singapore. And who can blame anyone for this happening? After all, it is a place of immense beauty and culture and deserves to be filled with tall and graceful structures such as these. One of the many condominium developments in this area in recent times is called the Stars of Kovan.

everything you need to know about the stars of kovan


The developer in charge of this project is named Asset Legend Limited. It is basically a sub-division of Cheung Kong Holdings which has earned a lot of reputation in recent years due to the quality of their work. It is needless to say that this project is in safe hands and already, it is shaping up to be one of the best condominiums in the planet.


It is no surprise that a place such as the Stars of Kovan is loaded to the brim with a bucket load of features. Here are some of them:

  • The total area covered by this condominium equals to 108,685 square feet approximately.
  • The leasehold that it has taken extends up to 99 years in total.
  • The condominium will include residential, commercial as well as shopping unit’s altogether in order to provide a set of well fleshed out services.

Open to Pre-booking

If you want to experience the wonderful things this place has in store for you the moment it is opened, you can do so by booking a place for yourself beforehand. Of course, you will have to be willing enough to part with some amount of cash in order to do so. But despite that, the Stars of Kovan is well worth the money spent. If you are interested in more details, you can always head on over to their official website at starsofkovancondo.com.

Why the high park residences fernvale is the utmost choice for the business community in Singapore?

Singapore is an idealistic spot for those looking to make the best of both the East and the West. This is maybe the reason why Singapore is a favoured destination for expat Chinese and other Asians, who’d like their children get the best teaching, yet remain rooted and close to their cultivation. High park residences fernvale are exactly what you need to reside in Singapore.

why the high park residences fernvale is the utmost choice for the business community in singapore

What are the benefits of purchasing high park residences?

In fact, at that place are various stories that indicate that Singapore has become the third most popular destination for the affluent Chinese. Here are a few highlights to be restrained in mind when purchasing property in Singapore.

Foreigners in Singapore can buy non landed properties (read apartments and condominiums) without prior approval of the regime rule .The foreigners from buying property and the high park residences fernvale that are lower than six storeys or come under the category of condominiums. Though they still require to seek consent from the Singapore Land Authority to purchase properties like semi-detached houses, bungalows and vacant plots.

Extraordinary accommodations

They are also limited from buying a shop house, a house directly from the HDB, a resale flat that is permitted by the HDB, and a condo that is bought under the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme. This scheme was presented for people who desired to buy a little better than a flat, but not having enough money to buy private property. For the uninitiated, HDB is an acronym for Housing and Development Board- Singapore, the public housing authority of Singapore. This was set up by the government of Singapore, with an aim to help Singaporeans buy quality home at affordable prices.

Permanent Residents or PR’s are allowed to buy HDB flats at once from high park residences, provided they make a family nucleus with a Singapore citizen. It can buy a flat from the re-sale market; provided that they register at least one tenant as a Singaporean citizen. To protect people from flipping their property, owners looking to sell apartments that are less than 3 years old, would have to pay a duty of 3 per cent of the resale value.

Is it worthy to invest in Sims Urban Oasis?

Sims Urban Oasis is a promising residential project in the heart of district 14 developed by GuocoLand Limited, and is located beside Aljunied Station. This condominium includes 8 towers with 1024 units, and comes with a 99 year lease period right. The units will range from single bedroom up to 4 bedroom areas. Each unit comprises well-thought, well-designed and sophisticated rooms with stylish and spacious rooms.

is it worthy to invest in sims urban oasis

Why worthy?

This condominium has on-site facilities such as swimming pool, guard services, function room, indoor gym, clubhouse, sports area, tennis court, & BBQ area dining, and surrounding facilities such as transportation, dining, schools, parks & recreation, and shopping & entertainment.

Owning a Sims Urban Oasis condominium unit is really worth as it is one of the excellent choice investment residence. It has easy-access to almost all facilities and conveniences such as public transportation, park, educational institutions, childcare facilities, eateries and dining, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment centers, and recreational facilities. You can enjoy the facilities within short walking distance or with a quick drive from the condominium.

In terms of real estate market also, owning your property in this condominium is really worth for all groups of people. Even the Managing Director of GuocoLand declared that “Besides pricing, product positioning of this condominium would be crucial in the current market conditions, and that this condominium will target diverse groups of owner-occupiers – from young couples, small families and singles to multi-generation families.”

Is it the right time to buy this condominium?

As there is wide possibility for the fall of luxury house prices in Singapore, it could be the right time to start investing in property market for Sims Urban Oasis.Owning a property in this condominium has massive property gains because the current transaction prices reveal that both landed and condominium selling prices in the nearby market comes with double digit growth within the past few years.

What facilities you will get from The Peak at Cambodia?

The Peak at Cambodia is a famous and complete development which is situated at the core of Cambodia’s capital namely Phnom Penh. It is facing towards the Diamond Island. This development is blended with residential apartments, retail and F&B outlets, office space and also hotel space containing total 1014 Units and more or less 300 rooms. It is managed by famous Shangri-La Hotel Group.

Good Investment:

Now, the question is why you will feel interest to invest in The Peak at Cambodia. You will definitely get 12% net guaranteed returns by 2 years investment through this development. The main reasons for such high return from this peak are:

  • It is a tourism hotspot
  • Real Estate Boom
  • Growth and rising economy.
  • Attractive Return
  • Very much interest from Singapore Organization.


This project is situated only a few minutes walking distance from AEGON Mall as well as Naga World Hotel and Entertainment Complex. It is nearer to National Monument and the National Assembly Building. This project is also surrounded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Embassies, the Australian and two major five star hotels in Phnom Penh. The Peak @ Cambodia is a total 55 storied building and total 1014 apartments are there. It is divided into Tower 1 & Tower 2.


Following facilities you will avail if you are a member of this project:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Yoga Room
  • Pool Deck
  • Kids Play Zone
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Outdoor Pavilion
  • Landscape Deck, Wall & Feature
  • Multi-function Room
  • Reading Room & Games Room
  • Lounge and Sky Lounge
  • Sunset viewing Deck and many more.

In addition to the above, you will get different ranges as well as types & sizes of Unit by looking at The Peak at Cambodia floor plan. The payment scheme is also very easy & flexible and you will get installment facility which is also one of the most important facilities for investing this project.

Know how to clean your Water Purifier from Water Dispenser Singapore

A Water purifier is useful to offer clean water in workplaces, rec centers, homes, and so on. Despite the fact that the water we gone through them is clean filtered water, germs and undesirable developments rapidly happen in these clammy situations. It’s vital to clean your water cooler every time you change the jug or like clockwork, whichever starts things out. Cleaning your water dispenser can be finished reasonably effortlessly and rapidly if done all the time. This article is an intensive manual from water dispenser Singapore for maintaining the water purifier by yourself.

how to clean your water purifier from water dispenser singapore

The components you will need

  • Water
  • Buckets
  • Bleach
  • Scrub or sponge brush
  • Rubber gloves

The cleaning method

  • Start by blending a sanitizer arrangement of 1 tablespoon dye for every gallon of water.
  • Unplug the water dispenser. It’s essential to NEVER clean the unit while it is still connected to.
  • Uproot the water bottle. It’s most helpful to finish this cleaning when exchanging containers and the jug unfilled.
  • Empty any remaining water out of the repository through the fixture into a container.
  • Fill the inside store with the sanitizer arrangement. Give it a chance to set for around 3 minutes.
  • Utilize the scrub brush or wipe to clean away any form up from the dividers of the inside.
  • Channel the water by purging it through the spigots into a container. This permits the spigots to be sterilized too.
  • Wash by filling the inside repository with clean water and discharging it through the spigots into a pail no less than FOUR times or more until the water no more has a sanitizer taste.
  • Uproot the trickle plate and screen.
  • Wash both of these things in the detergent arrangement or with a mellow cleanser.
  • Wash completely with clean water and supplant on the unit.
  • Next you will set up the new water container to be embedded into the cooler.
  • Put elastic gloves on and wipe the highest point of the new water bottle with the detergent arrangement.
  • Embed it in the cooler and let it fill the store.
  • Utilization paper towels and the sanitizer answer for wipe the outside of the cooler alongside the spigots.
  • Plug the unit back in and permit around 30 minutes for it to take the water back to the craved temperature.

Some extra help

  • Make certain to store unused water bottles in a clean zone that is cool and very much ventilated.
  • Be mindful not to touch containers or individual water jugs to the nozzle when filling. This is a prime approach to spread germs.

The safest and the cheapest way for breast enlargement

Problems with the bust shape and size can be highly detrimental to the physical and mental health of women, who might suffer from such issues. These women normally carry lower degree of confidence and self-esteem, which are the major factors for making one’s appearance impacting. Thus, ladies try to enlarge their bust so that their presence also gets appreciated. Here’s how to get bigger boobs in two ways:

the safest and the cheapest way for breast enlargement

The natural approach VS the superficial ones

The breast enlargement methods are manifold in concurrent times. One can either take a natural approach or the superficial ones to solve these problems. However, each of these effects has its own merits and demerits. The natural way, as usual, happens to be the time consuming process while the artificial ones yields the desired result very quickly. However, its threats lie upon the fact that it may stimulate several detrimental side effects to arise in subsequent times. Also, these processes are highly expensive. On the contrary, the natural ways like the usage of the breast enlargement herbs, which is a natural remedy not only is safe from the health perspective but the expenses on it are negligible. Thus, it shall make better senses if one sticks to the adoption of the natural approaches that might be a bit time-taking but yield remedy from inside.

The universal Approach

The usage of the breast enlargement herbs requires one to apply cream message on the bust that are formed with the extracts of these herbs. Some herbs possess the natural property of escalating the rate of secretion of those hormones that are responsible for the development of the breast. These herbs shall never offer the threats of any side effects adjacent to its usage. As its process is very cheaper, ladies with all of the means can go for it. Thus, the herbal treatment can be considered to be the universal approach for the breast enlargement purpose.

Kingsford Waterbay – offering a unique living style

Kingsford Waterbay, the upcoming condominium in upper Serangoon, Singapore is in Hougang Town which is an ideal place to live. Hougang Town provides numerous recreational facilities as well as community facilities. The apartments of this condominium are very reasonably priced and are provided with washer cum dryer, fridge and woven by the builders. A unique feature of this condominium is that each apartment has awe-inspiring views and most of the apartments have waterfront. The nearby Punggol Park provides a purely green environment for this condominium. The upcoming industrial park at Sungei Sarangoon is expected to create a lot of job opportunities and as a result the value of apartments in this area will drastically go up.

kingsford waterbay offering a unique living style

In upper Serangoon, Kingsford Waterbay is one of the upcoming condominiums with all latest facilities and the apartments will be ready for occupation by the end of 2018. Its proximity to MRT station and the popular malls makes it an ideal location for homes. Those who have school going kids will find this place the most ideal for education thanks to the plethora of reputed schools here. The highly efficient transport system in Serangoon makes the travel quite comfortable for the students as well as working people who are residents of this place.

The developers of Kingsford Waterbay have taken extreme care to provide all the latest facilities for those who stay in the apartments. The facilities include gym, swimming pool, fitness area, community hall, tennis court, etc. This condominium caters to the entertainment needs of each family and each individual. Apart from 1165 homes, Kingsford Waterbay comprises of 6 strata terraces and 2 strata semi-detached. The apartments contain 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 bed rooms and the buyers can choose their homes according to their requirements as well as budget. The scenic beauty of upper Serangoon and Sungei Serangoon can be enjoyed from the apartments of Kingsford Waterbay condominium and each resident can enjoy a lavish and healthy living here.

Is the City Gate development making a positive impact?

The Beach Road area in Singapore has always had a shortage of private residential buildings. Not only that, for the most part, Beach Road feels pretty ‘dead’ and lacks any sort of vibrancy. Hence, more and more investors have taken up the interest to renovate the area. As a result of that interest, City Gate has been newly found in that area. So, what makes it so appealing?


Quick access to public transport:

This is one of the biggest features of City Gate. It covers up one of the biggest problems with many other large scheme development structures such as itself, which is the problem of transport. Fortunately for people, the whole complex is located at a distance of within a few minutes’ walk to stations like Nicoll Highway, Lavender and Bugis MRT.

Lavish interiors:

It is no surprise that the people in charge have not compromised on the lavishness of the interiors of this place. The residential units in the buildings are all floored with marble or timber as per requirements. The views from each of the floors is also unparalleled.

What are the positive impacts made?

Talks about expanding the land which is being developed around the area of Beach Road have been going on for quite a long time. The reason being, in order to cater to the huge ongoing demand for office spaces. The problem though, is that, to satisfy the needs of all the office workers who seek new developments in these areas, older ones such like the Golden-mile complex have to be underfed in terms of resources, thus making way for the newer ones like City Gate.

Thus, seeing this opportunity, developers are cashing in. They are starting to redevelop and convert existing office buildings and developments into mixed purpose ones. This paves the way for newer A-grade offices to come into existence with the older ones slowly and steadily being replaced without too much loss.

This automatically leads to the enhancement of the property values around the Beach Road areas. So, it’s not just about City Gate. There are others who are coming in to join the act. All of this, nevertheless has a positive impact on the overall condition of this area.